Fulfil your dreams

Start your career with Fortune-Harmony Group! An exciting and multifaceted job awaits you. If you decide on a career path, then it is you who also decides how far you want to go. Whether as consultant in an attractive full-time career, as team leader with a team put together by yourself or as Manager with your own area. Your personal performance decides your success.

Your opportunities :

  • With your performance and input, you decide the tempo of your growth
  • The opportunities are the same for all
  • Sky is the limit for all.

Practical support & training :

  • Active support & practical instructions from experienced colleagues.
  • Success oriented guidance through professional manager.
  • Advanced training, coaching and development opportunities.

Benefits :

  • The benefit structure in Fortune-Harmony Group is benchmarked within the automobile industry and is one amongst the best in the industry.
  • Work Life balance is given utmost importance.
  • A robust incentive structure for all.

If you are interested to have all the above, come join us.
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