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FORTUNE Group is a part of one of the oldest and most reputed families of Hyderabad-Secunderabad, the “PRAMOD MODI” Group, which has been renowned since inception for their impeccable business reputation and ethical business practices.Under the dynamic leadership and vision of the founder, Late Sri Pramod Modi, his two sons – Ashish Modi and Nirav Modi and their well qualified spouses – Rupali Modi and Kanan Modi, have successfully steered the group / associate companies into diverse business sectors viz. Electrical Trading, Electrical Projects & Consulting, Manufacturing, Real Estate Development, IT Consulting & Development, Architecture & Interior Design Services, Automobile Dealerships etc.A long term, customer centric, professional approach, with reliance on latest information technology and continuous training of its dedicated team of 1200 employees has helped the Group to grow rapidly over the last 5 decades since inception to a record turnover of Rs 600 crores in FY 15-16.The successful track record in each sector is attributable to its highly empowered, talented and passionate Team, operating in an atmosphere of utmost trust & openness.

All this lends the Group unmatched good will from all its stakeholders - Principals, Clients, Customers, Bankers, Financiers, Suppliers,Consultants, Auditors etc.,The Automobile Dealership Sector of the Group, (Honda Scooters & Motorcycles/Ford Cars /Mahindra Trucks & Buses) itself employs over 900 people, has a turnover of Rs 350 crores in FY 15-16.Operating out of 24 locations spread across Hyderabad / Secunderabad/ Telangana / and very recently from Kochi and encompassing an area of 400,000 sqft, the state of the art infrastructure of Fortune-Harmony is designed to exceed the extremely high customer expectation of sales,service & spare part availability and is fully compliant with the exacting standards of all their Principals.Guided by its core values, a vision to empower people by offering multiple mobility options and reliable after-sales support & with a strong a desire to rapidly expand its footprint, the Fortune-Harmony Group aspires to be one of the most admired Automobile Dealership Brands in India.“Pramod Modi” Group / Fortune-Harmony Group have been socially responsible since early 1950's and have been continuously contributing a certain part of their wealth – primarily through their Family Charitable Trusts / Companies to benefit the society at large - primarily in the areas of Health & Education.

The Fortune group in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, also serving few districts in Telangana region is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since the day of inception in 2001, the Fortune group has kept a firm commitment to our customers. We offer a wide selection of vehicles (two wheelers / four wheelers and commercial) and hope to make the buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.We are tied up with brands like Ford in passenger car segment, Honda for two wheelers segment, Mahindra for trucks and buses segment and together we are known as Fortune Ford , Fortune Honda , Harmony Honda, Fortune Mahindra and Malayalam Ford.We have reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extended hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, offer competitive pricing for your automobile maintenance needs. Fortune Group highest priority is Customer Delight, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business.

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Our Team


ASHISH MODI holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of New Haven, USA and has over 20 years of Business Experience.


Nirav has worked with Maruti Udyog in Gurgaon, CSWL Inc. in Pleasanton, USA. Nirav is currently a partner at Premier Engineering Corporation and is also a Director at Fortune Ford, Fortune Honda.


Kanan Modi

Kanan Modi holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from University of Mumbai; a Masters Degree in Urban Design and Architecturefrom Pratt Institute.

Rupali Modi

Rupali Modi holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Computers from University of Southern California , USA. Rupali has over 18 years of business experience.